Advertising Internship Resume

Resume can be described as a written compilation of a job seeker’s personal and other details just like qualification, technical skills, work experience and credentials etc that really help him or her to secure a particular position in a company or organization. Major purpose of a resume is to summarize an applicant’s skills and experiences… Read More »

Pay Slip Template

A Pay Slip is an important part of information that an employee would required from his/her employer at every month end. Usually, such slips are issued before paying salary or transferring it into employee’s bank account. However this policy may differ from company to company to fulfill their specific requirements and circumstances. Here is a… Read More »

Salary Slip Template

A salary slip is an employment document. It is sort of a proof for both the employer and employee that the employer has paid full payment to the employee. It’s made on monthly basis. It provides all the information about the employee’s name, his designation, his net salary amount, leaves he took and the deductions.… Read More »

Executive Summary Template for Restaurant Business Plan

In simple words, an executive summary is actually a shorter and more brief version of anything related to business either it’s a proposal, annual report, budget allocation plans or even a resume of an applicant. The main theme behind preparing an executive summary is that it’s not possible for the superior decision makers of a… Read More »

24 Free School Brochure Templates

A few years back, schools were popular among people because of the recommendations. If some parents liked a school and sent their kids there, they used to recommend it to other parents and their neighbors and this is the only marketing that schools and colleges got at that time. Unlike that, now there are dozens… Read More »

Free Sample Public Relations Resumes

Public relation is the job in which information is managed between an organization and its public. The work of representative of public relations varies day to day. It depends upon the area in which PR is specializing. Usually PR agencies work in specific industry area including consumer, business to business, financial and health care. PR… Read More »

Employee Task List Template

All people are well aware of significance of task list. Task list is a very beneficial document that helps one person to list out his/her tasks to be accomplished within specified time line. Task list serves as a supplement to memory. Task lists are used in: Self management Grocery lists Business Management Project Management Software… Read More »

Open House Flyer Template

Hosting an open house has become a trend. Purpose behind hosting an open house for homes is to provide assistance in order to get buyers to come and tour the property. Hosting an open house provides you with a supreme opportunity to show-off a particular home. Some tips can help you in making your open… Read More »

Non Disclosure Agreement Template

Non disclosure agreement is written between two parties and is used as a legal agreement to defend trade secrets. This agreement is not only used to defend trade secrets but also is used to secure IP (intellectual property) or any confidential information shared by one of those parties with other. This agreement is also known… Read More »

Daily Sales Report Template

Sales are of greater importance in growing business world. Keeping complete record of sales serves businesses lots of more than one’s expectations. Keeping sales record is crucial as it ensures the smooth going of your business. To keep complete record of sales on daily basis, daily sales report is prepared. Daily sales report is such… Read More »