Tear-Off Tabs Flyer Template

Here is a good looking and extremely customizable Tear-Off Tabs Flyer Template. This template is created using MS Publisher to add brilliant design capabilities to this flyer template. Tear off Tabs feature will enable this template to be used as re-usable discount coupon flyer so that people can just tear off one tab and use it… Read More »

Wedding Invitation Templates

Here are some useful Wedding Invitation Templates that can be used by wedding party organizers to quickly and effectively create personal Wedding Invitations. A Wedding Party is a kind of party that requires an official invitation no matter how small or big the gathering would be. Hence you must need an attractive but better to be… Read More »

Invoice Receipt Template

Invoice receipts are issued to buyer as a proof of full payment for the goods and services supplied by vendors. It is commonly used in businesses for vendor to ship good or renders services. Invoice receipt is issued by vendor itemizing merchandise or services supplied and the pricing. After making full payment, buyer has right… Read More »

Salary Slip Template

A salary slip is an employment document. It is sort of a proof for both the employer and employee that the employer has paid full payment to the employee. It’s made on monthly basis. It provides all the information about the employee’s name, his designation, his net salary amount, leaves he took and the deductions.… Read More »

Sample Salary Request Letter

Sometimes it’s your duty to remind your employer about your salary as it’s possible that when there are hundreds of employees working in an office, the HR department might forget or miss an employee and doesn’t credit his salary. In that case, it’s the duty of that employee to remind the authority about this unfortunate… Read More »

Sample Internship Letter from Employer to Internee

Internship can be defined in many ways but in simplest words, it’s a job that an employee does without any salary but just to gain enough experience and knowledge of the field. Students usually apply for internships during their studies so that as soon they complete their education career, they have enough experience and working… Read More »

Sample Hardship Letter

When we take loan or mortgage on our house, we agree to certain terms and conditions in the agreement which obligate us to follow them and not to violate any clause. But life is uncertain and we can’t always live as we planned. There comes some times when you can’t pay the installment on your… Read More »

Sample Authorization Letter

Keep in mind that an authorization letter is actually a formal letter of giving authority to someone else and let him use the same rights and obligations that you did. Usually we classify authorization letters in two basic types; general authority letter and specific authority letter. A general authorization letter is granted to let a… Read More »

Sample Apology Letter to Customer

Some might say that for a business, the most important thing is the profit where in reality, the most important asset for a business is the clientele. Customer is the most important thing for any kind of business as without a potential consumer, what’s the meaning of producing a product or offering services. This is… Read More »

Office Routing Slip Template

Office routing slips are famous in different offices across the country as they are used for the interoffice communication. Various offices use these slips for charting purposes such as in the healthcare centers the doctor communicate charges as well as services to the receptionist through office routing slips. Insurance agents also use office routing slips… Read More »