24 Free School Brochure Templates

By | May 8, 2017

A few years back, schools were popular among people because of the recommendations. If some parents liked a school and sent their kids there, they used to recommend it to other parents and their neighbors and this is the only marketing that schools and colleges got at that time. Unlike that, now there are dozens of marketing and advertisement strategies and plans for schools and other educational institutes. Besides making a commercial for local radio station or television channel, you can also make a marketing brochure for your school. The best thing about a school brochure is that you can make the brochures for uploading on your website and print the same design for hard copies as well to distribute around town

Common parts of a School Brochure:

  • Front panel
  • Back panel
  • Inside flip panel
  • Right panel
  • Left panel
  • Middle panel

Key Elements of a Good School Brochure:

  • Photos are very important and kind of an essential element for any kind of brochure. When it comes to schools and institutes, parents always want to make sure that they choose the right place for their kids and by putting good pictures of your campus on the brochure, you give them the opportunity of seeing their child go to this specific building after admission.
  • Tuition fee is a very important part of the overall schooling process and as an administrator of the building or principal of the school, if you don’t want to see parent’s jaw dropping when they hear about your fees and tuition charges, it is better to mention the fees and other additional changes on the brochure. This way you can make sure that only those parents will take interest who can actually afford it.
  • What a school is without education and study? While designing the school brochure, you should emphasize on the courses and diplomas that you offer at your school. This can be as simple as preschool for kids and learning through games and sports or it can be as completed as astrophysics or bioengineering for a graduate school. In either way, your school brochure should has a separate section where you only talk and discuss the courses that you offer.
  • Describing the exact location of your campus in the city and a little introduction of the inside of the campus is never a bad idea. You will be surprised to know how many families can’t find the right road or always turn left when they are supposed to turn right. For this purpose, it is better to mention your exact street address on the brochure along with the campus map so the parents will know where the library is and where the administration building is.
  • To end the perfect school brochure, it should be closed with something that is quite vital for this document; contact information. At the end of the brochure, you should mention your street or mailing address, contact numbers, fax numbers and email account where the parents can contact with you and ask whatever they want.

You can found so many Free School Brochures online to download and edit as per your requirements. Here are a few of such resources for your quick assistance.

Here is a collection of Free 5 Book Brochure Templates created mostly with MS Word or Publisher software.

Book Brochure Template

Download 5 Free Book Brochure Templates from StationeryTemplates.org

Here is another good looking Back to School Brochure Template created using MS Word.


Download 7 Free School  Brochure Templates from StationeryTemplates.org

Here are 5 more Free Educational Brochure Templates provided by same website.


Download 5 Free Educational Brochure Templates

Here comes more Free Sample Educational Brochures available for immediate download.

Education Brochure Sample

Download 7 Free Educational Brochure Designs from PrintableSample.com


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