Employee Task List Template

By | October 16, 2016

All people are well aware of significance of task list. Task list is a very beneficial document that helps one person to list out his/her tasks to be accomplished within specified time line. Task list serves as a supplement to memory. Task lists are used in:

  • Self management
  • Grocery lists
  • Business Management
  • Project Management
  • Software Development

Depending on the nature of work and tasks, task list can be of more than one list. Task lists are very advantageous documents that accurately serve those who have large number of diverse things that they want to get done. It helps remember important tasks need to be completed within specified amount of time. It also provides an order of tasks in which they have to be done. Making this list helps you determine that you are going to complete most important tasks first and then you will step forward towards less important tasks.

Here is preview of a good looking Employee Task List Template created using MS Excel,

Employee Task List Template

{Please click here to download this task list template}

To start making your task list, following tips may serve you:

  • You are initially required to prioritize your tasks. You can accomplish this by specifying a completion date that is required for tasks. If you find that you are unable to assign any completion date to your task, you can consider here the need of its completion.
  • Once you have determined your task, next step is to measure the time amount required to complete this task. If you have a fair idea in your mind about this task that how long it will take to complete, you will more conveniently accomplish it. If you are not sure about required time for your task, you can roughly estimate time for your task and then double it. It will help you making a rough sketch of required timeline.
  • Next step is scheduling times for meetings and appointments that are not flexible. This schedule will include time required for meditation, prayer, exercise and family time. By doing this, you will be able you to see your time buckets available for completion of tasks within specified time.
  • After performing above three steps, you can start utilizing your time to accomplish your tasks by considering their order of importance.
  • Once you have started completing your tasks, there will be still some tasks that are not completed yet. By seeing these, you will not be worried as you will realize that you have completed all you could today. Remaining tasks will never disturb you and realize you that they are waiting for you.

It is not the matter that you can only use task list for long term tasks, but you can make your list for such tasks that may require half an hour to be completed, although complex tasks can be broken into sub-tasks. To make your task list right now, Task List Template will be ideal option to choose.

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