Executive Summary Template for Restaurant Business Plan

By | November 21, 2017

In simple words, an executive summary is actually a shorter and more brief version of anything related to business either it’s a proposal, annual report, budget allocation plans or even a resume of an applicant. The main theme behind preparing an executive summary is that it’s not possible for the superior decision makers of a company to go through each proposal or report thoroughly without knowing if they need to review it or not. This way when these high profile employees and CEOs of a company are provided with an executive summary of a report or proposal, they understand the basic idea of the original report and then verify if they need to read the original draft or not.

Executive Summary in Restaurant Business:

Same like any other business, the restaurant sector also needs money and investors. And if you want someone to invest in your restaurant idea, you need to provide him or them an overview of your planning and strategies. The executive summary of a restaurant business should include the key mission of the business, the population you want to target, what different strategies you have as compared to other businesses, what’s the expected annual turnover of the business and how much you will need to invest in the marketing of your business. This way you provide your investors the most important information about your plans and the market you want to hit so that they show more interest reviewing the detailed plans of your business proposal.

Benefits of Preparing this Summary:

The first and most important benefit of preparing this executive summary is that it saves a lot of consideration time of both parties and this way it allows them to give more time to the estimation of the ideas and their improvements. This way the reader doesn’t waste his time in order to think if he should read the entire proposal or just take a look at the headings. It also allows the presenter to make the notes according to the reactions of the reviewing board so that he can eliminate the mistakes in the next report.

I have created an Executive Summary Template for Restaurant Business Plan to help our visitors get started with this very task easily. Check it out and let me know if you find anything to improve or add into this.

Executive Summary Business Plan

Here is download link for this Executive Summary Business Plan,

General Guidelines to create a Restaurant Business Executive Summary:

  • Make sure that the executive summary you have prepared is about the 10th of the original reports. Also verify that you have only skipped the less important or repeated elements but added all the necessary facts and figures to authenticate the summary.
  • Always provide a brief but not very lengthy mission of your business and what aspects you want to cover with your business strategies in the food sector. This makes it easier for the reader to analyze your future plans and actual goals of the business.
  • Then provide the mistakes of disappointments you have faced in other restaurants and food places which you want to eliminate in your business.
  • Provide a general overview of the population you want to target through your business such as Muslims, Christians or Hindus.
  • Provide your objectives of starting this business and the strategies that can assure your success in the food industry.
  • At the end, provide your own overview of the summary you have written and if there is anything particular you want the reader to read or overview again, mention that here at the end.

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