Lease Agreement Template

By | September 5, 2014

This Lease Agreement is a sample contract between lessee and the lessor to pay for the use of an asset usually a building or a real estate property. This sample format contains basic layout as well as sample terms of reference to explain as how such agreement should have been documented. Anyone using this sample lease agreement template must input following information to make it a binding between lessee and the lessor.

  • Information about the parties (lessor and the lessee)
  • Address of the Property
  • Terms of Reference for the agreed period
  • Amount and Payment details (full or in parts)
  • Signatures of Parties and Witness (if required)

Such agreements are always legal documents and considered as legal manuscript between a landlord and the lessee hence it must be written, agreed and signed carefully. One small negligence will make one of the party may suffer in the long run.

Being created in MS Word, anyone can easily use this Lease Agreement Template to tailor it as per his/her particular situation. You may use your own letterhead to print it out for further customization.

Here is preview of this Lease Agreement Template,

Lease Agreement

Before going to have a look on laws of lease agreement, there is a need to know about what is lease agreement itself. Purpose of this contract is to form a relationship between renter and proprietor of property. What should be stated in a lease agreement can be well understood with the help of Lease Agreement Template. A lease agreement provides specific necessities regarding responsibilities and rights of the lessor and lessee. As lease agreement is a legal document therefore lease agreement laws are made. These laws are made to protect rights of landlord and renter. Lease agreement laws are made to avoid renters breaking leases. If renter breaks lease, he can destroy property as per his wish. Similarly, proprietors would have to maintain their property.

Lease agreements define the terms according which both renter and proprietor have to agree upon. All terms and conditions are stated in this contract. Once both parties agree, they signed this contract. Their signatures on this contract bound them to strictly follow this lease contract. If one of both parties disagrees with terms and conditions mentioned in this contract, they can consult each other to work those agreements out. If both of these parties do not come to an agreement, contract will linger valid.

Here is download link,

Download Lease Agreement 

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