Non Disclosure Agreement Template

By | October 12, 2016

Non disclosure agreement is written between two parties and is used as a legal agreement to defend trade secrets. This agreement is not only used to defend trade secrets but also is used to secure IP (intellectual property) or any confidential information shared by one of those parties with other. This agreement is also known as confidentiality agreement. This agreement provides facilitation to a company to share its intellectual property with those whose input it needs. But company shares its intellectual property without unduly jeopardizing that information that it shares with others.

Using a non disclosure agreement, one party is agreed to share its information with other party for a specific purpose. Both parties also agree to not disclose that information to anyone else. Some important and basic points of a non disclosure agreement are:

  • Names of both parties
  • Confidential information in a form of outline
  • Detail of terms and conditions that would be legal exceptions to the agreement
  • Commitments of the party bound to secrecy
  • States the terms of confidentiality in years
  • Also covers the miscellaneous points

When you should use non disclosure agreement? Once you are sure that you have to share your information with someone and you don’t want them to pass this information to anyone else by making it confidential, you are required to use this agreement to bound other party to not to disclose your confidential information.

Here is preview of a ready to use Non Disclosure Agreement Template created by,

Non Disclosure Agreement

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To make a non disclosure agreement, you can consult a trained professional. He will guide you about legal terms and conditions required for this agreement. You should not rely much on forms that you might found on internet and edit unless you have sufficient knowledge and qualification to do so. However, better understanding about its format and contents of this agreement can be viewed from Non-Disclosure Agreement Template.

Obligations for this agreement varies state to state and common thing in varied documents remain same which is that no party is permitted to disclose any information that might encourage third party to gain access to the protected information. Confidentiality terms for this agreement are for five years. This time can be negotiated and is often written for two to five years.

If you are going to make a non disclosure agreement, make it sure that you and your party has signed it. Doing this will enables you and your party to approach court in case if one of two parties is destroying rules and regulations of this agreement.

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