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By | March 7, 2012

Did you borrow a loan from someone and wanted to make a Promissory Note so that everything should keep on record? Here are a couple of such Promissory Note Templates that can help you in this task. Such agreements vary from its nature to be a simple paragraph called Promissory Note or a full fledged agreement with all kind of terms & conditions. We are going to share both kind of Promissory notes with you so that you can pick whatever suits you better.

Here is s sample Promissory Note that just laid out basics like how is borrowing what amount and from whom. Moreover, how it will be returned back like in full or in parts.  Here is preview of this Promissory Note,

Here is download link,

Download Sample Promissory Note

Further types of promissory notes include:

  • Demand notes
  • Installment notes
  • Open ended promissory notes

Promissory note is a written manuscript defining a part of a loan package while dealing with certain businesses. It enlists a comprehensible documentation of agreed terms and conditions on which repayment is needed to be done. It includes a detail about:

  • Principal amount
  • Duration of borrowed loan
  • Interest rate
  • Maturity date
  • Additional charges and fee in case of delays in payment
  • Amount of payment penalty if applicable

Terms and conditions under which a maker can be considered as a nonpayer are also part of this manuscript. In such situation this document also defines further conditions and actions that can be taken by the lender.

Now if there comes a situation that demands a comprehensive agreement should be made in place of Promissory Note then, we strongly recommended following Promissory Note Template to be used instead.

Here is download link,

Download Promissory Note Template


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