Recipe Card Template

By | May 5, 2016

Are you out for a trip with friends, and have left your old grandmother behind who prays day and night for your good health? While you have the time of your life running around the beach of Alaska, why not get something memorable for your grandmother too? Post cards are conventional, customized recipe cards can be used in their place to bring a smile on the face of your loved one. Send a bullet-ed recipe of any of Alaska’s famous dish to your grandmother with a picture of you having fun with your friends in the beach dress she gifted. Seems like a wonderful idea, doesn’t it?

Recipe cards have been used for long by previous generations, and are surprisingly not as common today as they used to be. Earlier, recipe cards had very standard advantages. They were used so accurate amounts of ingredients could be purchased from stores, added in the recipe in proper amounts, and for the consistency of taste of the specific dish. Woman who loved to cook used to maintain entire folders of recipe cards during their lifetime, which they could pass on to their offspring later on. However, this does not happen much often in today, when the world is becoming more of a global village by the minute. Today, desired recipes are conveniently found on line without having to pay for them, mostly. As everybody jumps to shortcuts, typing the name of the dish in the search bar and clicking on the most appropriate-looking search result or URL does the job for them.

However, people today are trying to revive the use of recipe cards by different ways. Websites have been developed for the easy creation of customized recipe cards. One can effortlessly spread happiness along with the delicious recipe cards this way. From cheerful and zesty to modest and traditional, one can give the look of their choice to the recipe cards they are creating for their friends and family. More so, attractive sets of recipe cards with lovely patterns drawn on them are available in stores; they are sure to attract anybody – even those to who are not big fans of writing down proportions and ingredients on recipe cards. While some percentage of people has moved on to a faster, improved way of living and have omitted the use of recipe cards from their lives, another percentage are trying to revive the use of recipe cards on a personal level. After all, who wouldn’t want to write their own secret recipe in a customized, well-decorated and presentable way rather than just writing it down like they were doing office work? Which type of people do you belong to? Do you wish to abandon all old yet interesting customs and adapt to the new way of life? Or are you among that percentage of people who desire to live a bit of both, conventional as well as modern life?

Here is a good looking Recipe Card Template created using MS Word,


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