Tear-Off Tabs Flyer Template – 4 Free Templates

By | January 19, 2018

Here is a collection of high quality and good looking Tear-Off Tabs Flyer Templates created using MS Word, MS Publisher and Photoshop.

This template is created using MS Publisher to add brilliant design capabilities to this flyer template. Tear off Tabs feature will enable this template to be used as re-usable discount coupon flyer so that people can just tear off one tab and use it for the marketed benefit. The color scheme of this Flyer Template also helps in editing it in future and adding more colors and graphics to this template. Following screen shot is a preview of this Tear-Off Tabs Flyer Template.


Here is download link,

Download Tear-Off Tabs Flyer Template

Let me share with you a great link where you can download 8 Free Tear off Flyer templates immediately. See one of those 8 Free Templates just for an ideas as how good they are.


Download here all these free Tear off Flyer templates.